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15 Things New Homeowners Can Do To Save Money

Buying a Home

Learn to balance the budget as a homeowner

Congrats on your new place! Here are some ways to pinch those pennies. There are plenty of reasonable things new homeowners can do to save money. After the initial expense of moving, it may be essential to reign in your spending.

Here are 15 simple and effective ways to manage cash flow in your new home.

5 Top Energy Money-Saving Tips

  1. Install a programmable thermostat. This ensures that your home isn’t wasting energy heating or cooling during the day while you aren’t home and that you maintain optimal temps inside.

  2. Lower the temp on your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (or 55 degrees Celsius). Bonus: toss a specially-made insulation blanket over your water heater to save even more energy (and money!).

  3. Check the insulation throughout your home. Getting a pro to add even a little more insulation can be a quick and straightforward way to reduce your monthly energy bill.

  4. Wrap exposed water pipes with special pipe insulation. Especially in basements or garages, this can make a difference in water temp.

  5. Check all vents in every room, ensuring that they are clear of obstructions. Go the extra mile and dust them or use a shopvac to get out any debris.

5 Top Maintenance Money-Saving Tips

  1. Do a full investigation of all of the home repair/service providers in your area. Get reviews for plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, and more. Create a shortlist so you have easy access to the best people when you need them.

  2. Simplify the landscaping. Figure out which plants are most resilient and require the least care. Set a schedule for weeding and mulching.

  3. Upgrade caulking. Not only will caulking around windows and doors keep temps from leaking, it will also protect the corners of appliances and plumbing from unwanted moisture.

  4. Make a seasonal checklist for checking on or cleaning certain items. This includes things like checking appliances for wear and changing out air filters. Getting ahead of regular, needed maintenance will keep you from spending a ton of money in the long-run.

  5. Did you know that not all gutters are set up correctly? Improperly directed or installed gutters can cost you big time if water damage occurs. Inspect your gutters in a new home before the rainy seasons hit.

5 Top Swaps: Money-Saving Tips

  1. Replace all light bulbs (even outside ones) with LEDs. These energy-efficient options are also a major cost-saver and will last for years.

  2. Quality ceiling fans will actually save energy and help you manage the temps inside your home. The initial investment is a swap that will pay off big in the long run.

  3. Put your sprinkler system on irrigation control. Swapping out an old school system with an automated one can save you thousands of gallons of water a year.

  4. Swap outdoor sweeps, especially to external doors. This will keep your home from losing a ton of heated or cooled air.

  5. Swap out any of your old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones. You may save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year on bills and won’t run the risk of an emergency replacement or repair.

What to do next...

Hope you got some useful tips for how you can save money! Time to take a quick walk around the house to see where you can save,

Are you just prepping for your future as a homeowner? If you’re in the market (or ever need to sell) give me a shout. I’ll help you out!

Mia Shervington

Mia Shervington

I’ve had the incredible fortune to move to this amazing community 20+ years ago, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. When I'm not selling homes, you can find me enjoying our local parks or taking in the sunset over the Hudson River. I'll never stop my quest for the perfect hot donut, despite what my waistline may say. Nothing is better than a fresh When I'm not snacking my way up the river, I also enjoy the trails at Teatown Reservation and the views over Long Island Sound at of Rye Playland (officially known now as Playland Park...whatever...LOL). I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon! See you around town!
Mia Shervington

Mia Shervington

I’ve had the incredible fortune to move to this amazing community 20+ years ago, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. When I'm not selling homes, you can find me enjoying our parks, taking in the sunset over the Hudson River, hiking the trails at Teatown and being a kid at Rye Playland (officially known now as Playland Park ... whatever ... LOL). See you around town!


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